7 Ways to Know if Your Spirituality is Fake

by barebonesbuddhism

Spirituality is a hot topic in the so-called marketplace of ideas. The spirituality section of the bookstore and Amazon and Barnes and Noble offers up everything from Tarot Cards to Now Power and the pyramid folks on the fringe…(I remember when the pyramid folks were at the front of the line).

Spirituality? What is it? 

I personally don’t care for the word because the root has to do with participation with the “spirit’ and since I have never had the experience of seeing and/or being a spirit I don’t know why I would want to be cavorting with spirits.

Usually, though, people do not mean cavorting with spirits when they say “spiritual.” They mean something more like “Less Mundane” or “Profound thoughts” or “Doing Something with Higher Intent.”

Perhaps many people don’t know what spirituality is but they know it when they feel it. Yes, that is it. Spirituality is supposed to be about intuitive feeling and sensing and less about thinking. When we start thinking too much, these folks imagine we are wrecking the spiritual moment.

Then Buddha comes along.

Ooops.  Buddha doesn’t agree with the fuzzy metaphysical fluff.

Spirituality does not mean a feeling fuzzy about a reading of some cards and being told through a woman your grandmother is in a good place still tending her Zinnias.

Spirituality does not mean being convinced you are from another planet, have been given orders in a bizarre contract on a heavenly platform right before you forget all about it once you come into flesh.

Spirituality is not about finding your meaning in life or landing hold of your life’s purpose (as if your or my life had any more grand purpose than that of a squirrel or a muskrat). All things are equal in importance because all things are the result of the respective causes and conditions.

Spirituality is not about showman tipping table acts or woo-woo communications from the dead or naked dancing to Gaia in a Wiccan hoedown.

These might be fun but they are not spirituality.

Seven Signs Your Spirituality is Fake

#1- No matter how much you read and how many tributaries you follow you are no happier than you were when you started.

#2 – You find teachers that constantly lead you to believe there is more to learn before you will get the REAL benefits.

#3 – You have to pay a lot of money for retreats where you have fun but have to convince yourself it was worth all the trouble.

#4 – You spend a small fortune on gadgets, gismos, and trinkets that are supposed to make you spiritual and all you find is you have collected yet more junk than ever.

#5 – You wonder when you will feel the spiritual feelings that all the other people say they are having and hope one day you, too , will join the ranks of the spiritual.

#6 – You find yourself believing even more bizarre and progressively strange ideas about your soul, soul’s existence, soul’s persistence and soul’s destiny.

#7 – Finally you return to your religion of origin or abandon the search for meaning altogether.

What is the True Sign of Spirituality?

What you are looking for is happiness and peace with your circumstances. You are looking for acceptance of mortality and meaning in your everyday experience.

Buddha did more searching than any of us will ever do and he found the way to find happiness in a way he never thought possible.

He didn’t need heaps of materials and fancy ceremonies. He sat under a tree and thought his way through the problems that plague humanity.

No fuss. No Muss. No piles of junk.