Observation Not Speculation

by barebonesbuddhism

Buddha did not settle for speculation and needless wrangling over words. Buddha refused to take anyone’s word for anything. He told his followers not to take HIS word for anything but to find out for themselves what they thought would end their suffering and bring relief.

In essence, Buddha said, ” This is what I found that works for me and I will show you. If it works for you, great. If not, good luck in your search.”

Buddha found a path that liberated him from suffering and brought him to peace of mind and peace of life. He told it first to his old friends at Sarnath at the Deer Park. They decided to try what he had to say and they were enlightened on the spot.

A lot of people got enlightened on the spot in the days of Buddha. Why does it now supposedly take lifetimes of effort to become enlightened? Why does it take endless meditation and endless conferences? Why must someone hope to get at least somewhere in one lifetime?

Buddha did not teach liberation and enlightenment in some far-off land and in some far-off time. Buddha talked about becoming enlightened immediately and having relief immediately from suffering NOW. But, to read the popular Tibetan Buddhists today, you must come to the conclusion that enlightenment is some far off dream once one commits to serving others by NOT going into Nirvana!

Whoever heard of such things?

Not Buddha.

Buddha was always concerned about the happiness of the people today, right now, in this lifetime to survive the suffering of the time and place NOW.

The only way to find out for yourself is to observe for yourself what works for you when you try it yourself.

Observation and don’t waste time. That is the rule of the Buddha. He tried and tried until he found HIS path and now it is offered for others to try.

Buddhism is not for everyone. Only a few people do not have their eyes loaded with sand. Those who know resonate with the Buddha. Those who are asleep run in terror at the thought of observing their own belief systems.